Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Famous Toupee Wearer John Cryer

John Cryer is a very succesful actor. The first time I can recall seeing him act was way back in the day with Molly Ringwald in the movie Pretty in Pink. He had done a few other things but really hit it big when he landed the part in the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men opposite no other than the talented and troubled Charlie Sheen. John Cryer readily admits his hair is not his and credits his stylists for giving him a fresh youthful head of hair for his public appearances. I'd say they do a pretty good job, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cast your vote on Famous Toupee Wearers

I've mentioned quite a few famous toupee wearers here on this site and I appreciate the large amount of traffic that this blog consistently gets. What I would like to hear from you the readers is what famous toupee wearers would you like to see and read about that I have not listed on,this website. I'm certain that there are a whole lot more people that are both a celebrity of some sort and a celebrity hair piece wearer. Who is being left here? Are these big time celebrity toupee wearers or are these guys flying under the radar so to speak. I need reader contributions and, I'll investigate your ideas and suggestions. Some come on and leave some comments and we'll get some more pictures on here and see what we can investigate.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Famous Toupee Wearer - Elton John

Elton John is a legendary rock and roll icon. He's one of the most accomplished performers we have ever seen. From his 1970's era crazy outfits and Benny and the Jets type songs, all the way to his Disney songs for the animated movies like The Lion King, Elton John has been a very successful person in his professional career. It's also well known that Sir Elton John wears a hair piece or toupee. I guess that as a rock and roll icon that he figures that he needs to have hair on his head to keep up his rock star image. He has had some wild outfits and eye glasses in the past and he has worn a variety of different hair pieces as an older gentleman. For the most part, these hair pieces look pretty good. Here's to the rockin' legend, Elton John and his famous topee wearing image. Rock on Elton.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Famous Toupee Wearers

There are no doubt quite a few famous toupee wearers across the world and certainly here in the United States where I live. The wearing of a wig or toupee or hair piece or hair system or whatever you want to call it is the choice that a lot of men choose to do when the dreaded male pattern baldness sets in. At least, that would presumably be the main reason that most of these people go bald. For many men, famous men included, it's can be distressing to begin to lose their hair. For many, it can effect their self esteem and make them feel less attractive. In many cases, going bald can make a man look a lot older than he really is. Now there are other hair loss options available these days, including new and improved surgical techniques that can really work wonders. For many, the toupee is still the most affordable and quickest way to get back a full head of hair. This website will take a look at some famous toupee wearers and discuss how they look. Some are very obvious and well known that they are wearing hair pieces. Other people shown here, well there may be some debate about whether these guys are wearing a toupee or not. We'll let you the reader decide what you think by casting your votes in our polls. This site is really just for fun and amusement. We're not trying to cut people down here or ridicule anyone for there hair or lack of hair.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Famous Toupee Wearer John Travolta

John Travolta

To being our list of famous toupee wearers, I've chosen one of my favorite actors, John Travolta. I first became a fan of his when he starred back in the 1970's as the lovable yet not to smart high school kid named Vinnie Barbarino. He became very popular because of that TV show which was called "Welcome Back Kotter" and starred Gabe Kaplan and others. Travolta began to get movie roles and starred in the megahot of the disco era, "Saturday Night Fever". There were other roles too such as "Urban Cowboy." There were some down years for a while for John Travolta as there was a backlash of anti-disco sentiment for a while. Travolta revitalized his career as a hit man in the movie "Pulp Fiction" and he has been going string ever since. Travolta is a licensed pilot and is also married to the lovely actress, Kelly Preston. He's had some trying times fairly recently as his son died but I'm also pretty sure that his wife gave birth to another son just recently. Anyway, Travolta even appeared in one movie bald with a goatee beard so I'm pretty sure that his hair loss is no big secret anymore to anyone. I'm not sure if he plans to stay bald or clean shaven or maybe wear a toupee for the occasional movie role. Anyway, bald or not, John Travolta is a very successful man and seems to have a lot going for him.

Travolta - The bald look

Marv Albert Wears a Famous Toupee

Marv Albert is a legendary sports announcer. In fact, he is probably the most well known NBA announcer. I think that Marv does a great job announcing basketball games. I like to do impressions of him sometimes when I'm playing around with my kids. "Yes, and it counts!" That's one of his favorite things to say when a player makes a three point play. Anyway, Marv is also a long time toupee wearer. Marv wears a wig but it hasn't let it slow him down in the slightest. You can see Marv doing his thing and getting well paid for it on TV. Good work Marv Albert and nice wigs, well maybe not.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andre Agassi - He had lots of hair...or did he?

David Letterman - Andre Agassi's Hair Farewell

Andre Agassi Makes List of Famous Toupee Wearers

Andre Agassi wrote a tell all book that revealed admitted abuse of the drug known as "crystal meth." In his book he also tells how he was used the wrong conditioner at his tennis match right before the finals of the French Open. He was scared his hair was gong to fall off during his tennis match. How could he possible concentrate on his tennis game if he was afraid of his hair falling off.? His hair, by the way, was not just a regular hair piece but a mega piece. It was a huge mullet type hair piece. Take a minute to watch the above video of him on David Letterman if you haven't watched it yet. It's short and he talks about his hair.I guess it went with his whole rebel image. Remember all those Canon Rebel camera commercials he was in? Anyway, Agassi was of course once married to Brooke Shields and they divorced and he married pro tennis player Steffi Graff. They have at least one little boy I know of because he he was in a television commercial. I bet that kid is going to be one heck of a tennis player with the parents he has.